Don't Touch My Jewels

Start gathering your fortune with this quick strategic card game! Voted #1 for party games and card games.
  • VOTED #1 GAME by DMM FAMILY Gamers. Their Card Games industry at home wouldn't stop talking about all of the different ways to win, and the strategies to bring home the Jewels. You won't regret buying this family game!
  • TEAM OBJECTIVES: Capture the most points by strategically picking the correct number you and your teammate will win! The ones who accurately and strategically pick them win points!
  • STRATEGIC PLAY 2-6 PLAYERS: After bidding how many Jewel bunches you'll win, you and your teammate will find 4 type of point cards, these are important and the depending on your strategy might be the best way to beat your friends.
  • JEWELS AND DIAMONDS: The game consists of 4 types of cards - sapphire blue, emerald green, clear crystal, and ruby red. They consist of 15 different cuts of gems! The action cards as will surprise you! BEAUTY for your eyes! The Jewel Cards are some of THE most beautiful you have seen. Designed and created by some of the best, sketched, watercolored, and graphic designed. The colors will bring wide eyed appreciation from kids, friends, parents, siblings, you name it.
  • ORDER YOUR GAME WITH CONFIDENCE knowing our company guarantees fun and magical wonderment! We maintain the highest quality and we guarantee your complete satisfaction, or your money back! Join the Don't Touch My Jewels madness by sending this little diamonds to the market...I mean the shopping cart, and consider getting another one for your best gamer friends!
IN THE LAND OF JEWELDOM - You are Guaranteed fun.


Become the Jewel Master
The GOAL of the game is to correctly guess the number of tricks your team will win per round and to try to capture point cards along the way. If you bid/guess correctly, you win points. Your team must strategically play together to win the correct number of tricks, but also win point cards together.
You bid depending on your card value, your point cards (#15, #10, #5) and make sacrifices to help your teammate win
Play Action Cards that help you win new clusters of riches and points!
Join in sharing your thoughts of why you want to touch these cards
Let the Card games addiction set in!
Ancient Rules Revisited in this Card Game - It is a mixture of rook and the game "oh hell", with powerful cards mixed in. COME HAVE FUN!
1 Deck of 70 cards. 4 sets of 15 cards numbered 1-15 (Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, Crystal) – 6 power (action) cards: 1 burst, 1 rainbow, 1 geode, 1 black, 1 stalagmite, 1 sunset and 4 rule cards (points explanation & play)