Who Counts Sheep to Sleep? Not Pete (Children's Book)


This is a story about Pete as he tries to sleep but refuses to count sheep! A fun, imaginative childrens book for bedtime and anytime! Follow Pete in bedtime stories as he dreams of more exciting things that could help him sleep! Will Pete count the cat, dog, dragon, or sheep? Maybe even a bear! Trouble sleeping? Read this baby sleep book, or read this book to your toddler or all of your kids! Suitable for all ages, but with a focus on childrens books ages 0-3 and books for 2 year olds or 3 year olds. Need a Toddlers Book? Try "Not Pete" at bedtime and have them laughing and loving the illustrations of sheep. dragons, and the adventures Pete will inspire them to dream! "Sometimes books for babies aren't as enjoyable for the parents, but this book with rhymes hits the spot for parents as well.. you won't be bored!"  "We loved this kids book and have kids/nieces/nephews ages 4-6!"


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