Doodle Face
Doodle Face
Doodle Face
Doodle Face
Doodle Face

Doodle Face

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What Is Doodle Face? ✦ Basically, it’s drawing... Potluck style. Except instead of bringing your favorite food dish to the party, you get to contribute your very own interpretation/drawing of your friend's facial features! Together, your contributions become masterpieces, or maybe not... Just don’t take the finished piece too personally... because soon you’ll want to doodle face again!


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Link: Rules pdf

Do your friends think you look like this?😱

only 1 way to find out!

(Fun guaranteed, or your money back)

crowd-drawing in 3 easy steps


Write your Name on a Doodle Pad

Pass it to the person on your right


Draw the body part on face card

You'll be drawing the person whose name is on the Doodle Pad! When finished, pass it to the person on your right who will draw the next body part


Reveal your masterpieces 

Reveal 1 by 1 and let the laughter begin! 🤣

what families are saying!


"I'm crying just thinking about the drawings😂! Worth every penny!"

-Rich N

All Ages, Adults and Kids love it!

It's so hard to find a game for all ages but this is perfect! We had ages 5-75, all ranges of artistic talent and everyone loved it!

-Elycia D

Kids keep asking to play

"We play this game at least once a week! No limit to how many players and we often laugh so hard our sides hurt!

-Madi R

get the party started🥳

laughter for dayz!🤣

face the truth... what do your friends really think of you?

Are you ready to experience pure joy?