Goat Lords 2
Goat Lords 2
Goat Lords 2
Goat Lords 2
Goat Lords 2
Goat Lords 2
Goat Lords 2

Goat Lords 2


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Goat Lords 2 by Gatwick Games - New Card Games for Families, Adults, Teens, and Kids - Great Gift Idea for Father's Day - Hilarious, Family Party Game Nights - 2 to 6 Players - Can be played on it's own as a standalone game, or added to the base Goat Lords game for a crazy experience like never before!


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Link: Rules pdf

science goats show that 100% of not boring people love goat lords

not a boring person?

(not boring-ness guaranteed, or your money back)

how to goat

3 simple steps


becoming a goat mother

Good goats come in pairs... Find an identical match of silly goats & place them in front of you. But unlike your identical twin children, some goats are worth more than others...


epic goat duels

Or... duel your sneaky friends by playing a matching goat card on their goat stack. But beware, they can fight back... or worse.. escape on a slippery Sasquatch😱


how to win...

At Life: Build the largest social media following...😉
At Goat Lords: Build the biggest goatherd & become Lord of the Goats!

meet some new Goat faces🤗

what experienced goat herders are saying:

easy & strategic!

Can't Stop Playing!

"We play it every single night! CAN'T STOP! This game is wickedly addictive"

-Erica L

Got My Kids off Screens!

Fantastic game we love to play as a family. We have had hours of fun. It is great for all ages, from our 6 year old to adult.

-Lisa G


"I was skeptical at first but by the end of the game we were all laughing and Hollering!" Lots of laughing & artwork is hilarious"

-Stephen E

join us for some

outrageous bombs, magic, dragon goats & more!

think collecting goats sounds boring?



these goats are
unstoppably lovable!