Goat Lords Expansion
Goat Lords Expansion
Goat Lords Expansion
Goat Lords Expansion
Goat Lords Expansion

Goat Lords Expansion

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Expansion pack for both Goat Lords and Goat Lords the Sequel. Not a standalone game. Adds in some fun action cards that make some fun changes to the craziness that Goat Lords already is. This expansion is all about celebrities, young and old. See if you can recognize them all!


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Link: Rules pdf

Get both games for $24.99!

only $12.99 extra!😱🤯

Play with more friends & popular goat figures:

Goatnald Trump
Leonardo Digoatrio
Miley Goatrus & More!

(No implied political or other affiliations... it's all for fun!)

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Goat Lords
Goat Lords
Goat Lords
Goat Lords
Goat Lords
Goat Lords
Goat Lords
Goat Lords
Goat Lords

Only 12.99 extra!

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science goats show that 100% of not boring people love goat lords

not a boring person?

(not boring-ness guaranteed, or your money back)

how to goat

3 simple steps


becoming a goat mother

Good goats come in pairs... Find an identical match of silly goats & place them in front of you. But unlike your identical twin children, some goats are worth more than others...


epic goat duels

Or... duel your sneaky friends by playing a matching goat card on their goat stack. But beware, they can fight back... or worse.. escape on a slippery Sasquatch😱


how to win...

At Life: Build the largest social media following...😉
At Goat Lords: Build the biggest goatherd & become Lord of the Goats!

meet your friendly neighborhood goats🤗

what experienced goat herders are saying:

easy & strategic!

Can't Stop Playing!

"We play it every single night! CAN'T STOP! This game is wickedly addictive"

-Erica L

Got My Kids off Screens!

"Game is easy to learn, strategic, and DRAMATIC! You don't know who's gonna win till the end. So fun my kids want to play Goat Lords instead of their phones!" 

-Lisa G


"I was skeptical at first but by the end of the game we were all laughing and Hollering!" Lots of laughing & artwork is hilarious"

-Stephen E


join us for some

outrageous bombs, magic, dragon goats & more!

think collecting goats sounds boring?


Fun for Ages 5 to 105!

these goats are
unstoppably lovable!