Knockout Punch
Knockout Punch
Knockout Punch
Knockout Punch
Knockout Punch
Knockout Punch
Knockout Punch

Knockout Punch

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- OBJECTIVE -  The player that collects the most points wins the game. A player does so by:  1) Collecting prized fighters by knocking weaker fighters out of the ring,  2) Winning the King of the Ring (KOTR) token, and  3) Throwing punches to dethrone the King - (players literally throw a squishy boxing glove at each other!)


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Link: Rules pdf

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3 easy steps:


knock fighters out of the ring

Match cards to build a fighter up to 4 punches and knock the next lesser fighter out of the ring (winning you their cards!)


Draw a throw a punch card

Draw & carefully select your victim... Stand 10 feet away & compete for the all coveted "King of the Ring" token (worth extra points)


throw a punch!🥊

Throw the foam glove to win/lose your KOTR token... But beware, you're not the only one after those extra points...😳

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"I thought my kids would love being able to throw things at each other without getting in trouble. I was right!"

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"I'm not one for just sitting and playing board games but this one was a BLAST. A new kind of game and well worth the purchase."

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"Get ready for things to get a little rowdy! This game is interactive, moves fast, and keeps everyone engaged."

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