Dungeon Royale!

This is an all out Battle Royale to see who will win the victor's spoils and exit with the Stone of Life. And you can tell your mom it's not a video game... - FUNDED on KICKSTARTER in 1 hour & 2 minutes - AMAZINGLY FUN & NOSTALGIC, You move through the dungeon at the same time, you attack each other with magical, powerful, or crude weapons. You try to level up before your opponents and you even DIE and then RESPAWN like a video game. You will steal artifacts and treasures from each other, and of course, at times, you'll run away from the destructive dragon. - ALLOWS FOR 2-5 PLAYERS. ACCOMPLISH QUESTS, pick up weapons, BATTLE heroes. ENJOY the 2 Phase GAME. - FUN and RETRO look GUARANTEED to look good on the shelf or on the table.   -No difference in in the two versions besides the color-


He's a little rough around the edges but he's much nicer in real life... promise..
(He's a much kinder Goat than he looks)
The GOAL of this hilariously strategic card game is to become Lord of the Goats! The title of Goat Lord is awarded to the player who accumulates the largest goat-herd (aka most Goat points which is indicated on each card).
As my Aunt Bertha always said; Good Goats come in pairs... Your goat-herd is built by stacking identical pairs of goats in front of you. But unlike your identical twin children, some goats are worth more than others...
This is where the game gets goat crazy! If you possess a card that matches their top GOAT stack, you may choose to duel your opponent. Or maybe you choose to use your magical goat powers to triumph over your lowly goat friends. After each successful duel, the value of your goat-herd increases... and so do your chances of winning.
But the first rule of Goat Club is that it's not over till the Goat lady sings! Large Goat-herds will quickly become the target of your fellow goat friends.
The game ends when all cards in both the draw pile and all of the players hands have either been played or discarded.
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