It's in the Bag!


Pure Fun and Happiness!

Can you guess this charade in 3 seconds?
Got it? The word is... 🥁 🥁 🥁 ... Egyptian!!! How'd you do?

✓ As Easy as 1,2,3

3 quick rounds and loads of fun!!! So easy we can teach you in 20 seconds! See our "How to Play" tab for your 20 second lesson!

🎉  Become the Ultimate Game Night Host!

Do you want your friends, family, and kids to rave about your next party? Adults and children of every age and skill level will drop their toys, cell phones, and video games to laugh & enjoy this collaborative team building game that gets more fun every time you play…

💥 Charades on Steroids!

It's in the Bag is a novel mash-up of some of your favorite Party Games, ALL IN ONE!

🤣 Laugh Till You Cry🤪

“My Mom nearly peed herself and I about laughed myself into an asthma attack”... okay come on you gotta give this game a try!!

How to Play in 20 Seconds

How to Play in 20 Seconds!

Split up into 2 teams. Everyone in the group selects 3-5 cards to place in the bag:

Round 1 (Describe): Describe the cards in the bag taking 30 second turns until all cards are gone
Round 2 (1 Word): Use your memory skillz to describe the same cards from Round 1 with 1 word
Round 3 (No words): Act out the cards from the 1st two rounds

Talley up each teams points and declare a winner!

Whew, See? Told you so. 20 seconds



Printable Scorecard

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