Warning: May contain nuts...

A "tricky" game of bidding against your friends. (Mustaches not included)

i mustache you a question...


are you nutty enough?

(Nuttiness guaranteed, or your money back)

world domination 101

3 simple steps


Make bets!

Bet on how many tricks you'll win after seeing your cards. But beware, action cards add unpredictability & unique strategy.


get tricky!

Predict the future by strategically winning the number of tricks you (& your teammate)  bet on. Highest card of the predetermined supervillain color wins each trick!


achieve world domination!

Guess tricks accurately and earning the most total points from all 5 rounds!

meet your nutty friends!

what mustache experts have to say:

easy & strategic!

Strategic yet Simple

"If you can play uno you can play Mustachio! But we love games that don't just come down to luck & this game is a great balance of both"

-Sherrie C

Hilariously Silly😜

"Brings strategy and general silliness for any age! Illustrations are hilarious and gameplay had us scheming & laughing"

-Hadley B

Kids go NUTS for this game!

This game was an instant classic at our home! 

-Pete K


a game of non-stop laughter

pet the fuzzy stache👈

face-off against your nutty friends & Family

you don't have to be good... you just have to know exactly how good you're gonna be


Fun for Ages 5 to 105!

these scheming nuts will steal your heart away🥰

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